Monday, October 15, 2018

Why we are afraid

NB:- Please bring this blog to wider attention. If you support the contents then pass on the link. Post any comments below. We will respond to these in our next statement on this blog. 

 We are a number of individual transsexual women who are expressing deep concern over planned government changes to the GRA
 (The Gender Recognition Act; an act passed by parliament in 2004 by large majority.)

  • It was written for transsexual people
  • Doctors giving evidence then predicted there were 5000 of us in the UK who would qualify.
  • As of August 2018 there were 4910 registered. About 3000 are transsexual women (who transition male to female) and the rest are transsexual men.

Yet the UK government state the act is not being used by enough applicants and want to extend it to add up to 500,000 people who define as transgender - including cross dressers.

Consultation on this plan is about to close.

Transsexual person
A medically diagnosed condition from childhood.

It involves acute stress from knowing that psychologically
that person is of opposite sex to the physiology of their body.

A transsexual person knows that you cannot change biological sex but extensive psychotherapy and medical assistance alter their body to match with the mind and live in harmony.

A large majority have had surgical alteration.

A desire to adopt the lifestyle of the opposite sex, full time or part time, often expressing this via clothing and make up.

The desire to have surgery or other medical treatments is much less common (some suggest as low as 10% of cases only).

Few wish to see doctors or be psychiatrically evaluated. Some transition back and forth.

The transsexual women who have approved this statement say:-
(please quote or tweet any of the following)

“Transsexualism is not just a feeling in our heads or about dressing up. We knew we had a problem, sought medical advice and followed treatments proposed to try to resolve the problem."

"Medical transition was the last option after following medical treatment, not the first. It was not a choice.”

“Government suggest removing all medical gatekeeping and the crafted bonds of trust that establish medical necessity to change our legal status. We believe these safeguards are vital as a show of respect from us to society when seeking access into protected spaces such as toilets. Nobody should just demand this by right.”

“Transgender individuals deserve rights. However, women already have reasonable concerns about ceding their own rights to transsexuals via the GRA. Now transsexuals with rights gained through years of medical assessment are asked to hand them on to people who have done none of that. Diminishing further still the rights of women.”

“We worry that many of the 500,000 transgender accessing legal status would still be physically intact with male bodies or even capable of rape. Medically transitioned transsexual women would be as much at risk from them as would women.”

“Adapting the law would mean that it no longer covers a long established medical condition. The planned GRA changes would allow any person to state that they have changed sex and obtain a birth certificate proving so without any medical involvement at all.”

“We firmly believe that birth certificates should only be altered when doctors agree there are legitimate reasons. This change would remove that long standing principle.”

“As Transsexual people we know surgery does not mean that we literally become women. But we will happily engage in discourse with women to set boundaries based on mutual accord. We respect their right to do this.”

“We make these physical changes to live within society as women without wishing to usurp women's necessary needs for privacy. Our medical treatment has left us mentally healthy adults who have for years afterward contributed fully to society. That is all we have ever sought.”

“We are very concerned by the aggressive tactics and angry demands of the trans activists and just want to continue living peacefully via mutual respect as we have done for half a century. But changing the GRA from medical assessment must concern society, in particular women, who understandably say NO.”

“They may conclude that the only solution will be to exclude everyone - including us. They cannot possibly know the physical or mental status of all those newly self-identified women who now selfishly demand acceptance because they say so.”

“The proposed changes materially disadvantage women in order to benefit up to half a million who merely choose to self-identify as the opposite sex for various undiagnosed reasons. The 5000 presently registered transsexual people for whom the GRA was created 14 years ago are unhappy to be expected to cede rights to those unprepared to give society more than just their word that this should occur.”

“If government choose this route, our years overcoming a medical condition and establishing our life to contribute fully to society becomes minimized to the status of a part time cross dresser or a sex offender asking for transfer to a female jail. Both are real events that have occurred recently.”

“Some transsexual women who transitioned half a century ago are so scared about how this may damage their life we fear they might become prisoners in their homes. They are being told they may no longer be able to enter ladies toilets despite not having had male anatomy for most of their lives."

"As a consequence - and like many women - we transsexuals ask the government to listen to us as we say NO to self ID."
We are 14 transsexual women who do not know one another but have come together to express these concerns.

Our occupations are as follows.....

1 x Writer and Event Organiser, 1 x Railway Engineer, 1 x Author and Radio Broadcaster, 1 x Chartered Engineer, 1 x Caterer, 1 x Retired Teacher, 1 x Broadcast Engineer, 1 x University Lecturer, 1 x Talk Show Host, 1 x Advisor at Citizens Advice, 1 x Electronic Engineer, 1 x Support Worker, 1 x Wedding Planner, 1 x Content Creator








  1. I'd just like to thank you for this post. I had been concerned about GRA reform (self-ID especially) because of the implications for women, especially in shelters & prisons. Your post has helped me to realise that the dangers are wider. Thanks again. I'm glad you have found a way to express your concerns anonymously but I'm in no doubt that it is still very brave and noble decision. I hope your voices are heard and taken note of.

  2. Respectful "thank-you" for speaking out.

  3. Thank you for these well chosen comments. Both women and transexuals are being effectively erased by the proposed changes to the GRA

  4. Thank you. I am part way through filling in the consultation and I will add your view (which is also mine).

  5. I'm an artist; and also a post-op trans woman.
    I fully agree with the concerns about the GRC.
    And I filled in the Government GRC questionaire recently.

  6. I am a transsexual woman and I oppose self ID.

    Tranime Girl
    Content Creator/Computer Repair Tech

  7. Thank you for this. As a 'biological woman' (not trans) I have been campaigning for the law to not be changed, and have received lots of hateful comments online from 'trans activists', and I knew that there must be people like you, but your voices have not been heard in the debate in the MSM, have they? But, like me, you have been 'silenced' by the overly-loud rhetoric of the 'trans activists', so that you do not get heard either. I'd love to be able to quote some of your comments to people who say I'm a transphobe, or a TERF, as it's people like you who I feel I include in my concerned discussion for the law to not be weakened, to protect all of us from violent men who could abuse the system - but I am told by TRAs that I do not speak for you! I realise you have a very hard time in society currently. I just wish all the 'reasonable' people could get together to work out a solution that supports everyone. But at the moment both groups are being shouted down. Please keep going!!

  8. Thanks, love and solidarity from a woman opposed to self-ID. I suspected transsexuals would feel similarly threatened by this change to the law and it is great to hear your voices and your thoughts expressed so beautifully here. xxx

  9. I'm a natal woman member of the Green Party who welcomes transexual women into women's groups and spaces. I'm not in favour of self ID as I think it creates risk for all women especially transexual women. Sadly the very few criminals who abuse women via their transgender role create fear beyond their personal orbit and have poisoned the discussion about the GRA.

  10. Thank you, huge respect to you, as a natal woman I am more than happy that you are a part of our sisterhood because you understand ,and I did fear that the aggressive voices we have been hearing did not represent you all , I have never nor ever will be a Transphobe there were just questions and concerns that needed asking that is all, and your letter is a breath of fresh air, again thank you .

  11. I really welcome all of the above comments and have been waiting to hear them for a long time. I knew you were out there! I am a woman who is opposed to self id and have been called a transphobe because of this. We need more people to break the silence.

  12. I am very relieved and also very grateful to see this and for your support, we need this. Thank you.

  13. Rabbit777
    Do you have a FB group where we can discuss this issue together and create some solidarity? I am sure lots of natal women will be pleased to have you on board.

  14. Thank you. Your graciousness is refreshing and appreciated. I hope you all know how welcome this statement is?

  15. Thank you for expressing your concerns so clearly and eloquently. As a natal woman it's good to have your support and I hope you know it is reciprocated.

  16. This is the post I have been hoping for, from those who need the same protection and respect that biological women need, and deserve.

    You have also taught me who I stand with (you and other transsexual women like you), and who I stand against (the trans activists). Until this I had know there would be a difference, but unsure how to word it and differentiate.

    Every time I have tried to speak up, I am verbally attacked and threatened. I have had direct threats made against me and my friends, which has impacted us in real life too.

    Vulberable women, all women, need safety. Transsexuals need and deserve the same.

  17. It may sound strange but I am gratefully reassured by what you have all written as I had thought that the GRA could have negative impacts for transsexual women and not just biological women and girls. I'm dumbfounded by the aggression and contempt for women by trans-activists, up until recently I had only ever experienced mutual respect and having always been supportive of the rights and protections for the LGBTQ community I feel betrayed abandoned by the same community when it comes to women's and children's rights and protections, so thank you for your blog. ❤️

  18. Thank you for speaking out - this is a beautifully written expression of your concerns which I share as a biological woman - self id makes a mockery of your hard fought journey - I have shared your post

  19. As far as I'm concerned you brave, strong people are women and I'm glad you've joined us. You've transitioned and integrated. You've shown a determination which is absent in trans gender women on Twitter. I'm standing with you.

  20. Im a trans woman and im glad to have found this blog; the above post pretty much reflects how i feel about the self id proposal. I filled in the online consultation form expressing that i thought it was a bad idea, but i was feeling isolated as all the trans rhetoric i see is in favour of the bill. In fact, not just in favour of it, but passionately to the extent that simply apposing the reform makes you a hateful transphobe. Which i really dont think i am.
    I wish there could be more sensible discussion and less emotional over reaction, but i guess that just isnt a realistic expectation.

  21. The primary heading “SOME FACTS” sits over everything else in the blog and creates a problem, setting all of what follows open to challenge. Labels are problematic. This blog chooses a definition of transgender that excludes transsexuals. We can all choose to create definitions as we wish, but many with an interest in gender see Transgender as including many different gender variant groups such as cross dressers, non-binary people and also transsexuals.

    That doctors’ correctly predicted the numbers who might apply for a GRC under the 2004 law has proved broadly correct isn’t surprising. That does not mean it has proved satisfactory for a great many who it was anticipated would not manage the process. Many continue to live with birth certificates that do match their lived lives and have not applied for GRCs for a number of reasons. These can include issues of spousal consent, lack of paper evidence, or an inability to collate evidence or meet the cost of the application.

    Some who might be able to do all of the above processes have chosen not to submit themselves to the scrutiny of the H M Courts & Tribunals Service, that operate the Gender Recognition Panel. These are a group of unidentified people who are described as having medical and/or legal qualifications. They have no contact with GRC applicants and base their judgements purely on paper submissions. Applicants have no right of appeal against decisions.

    The assertion that the majority of transsexuals have had surgical alterations may help some of their arguments, but it is not supported by evidence. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 has no requirement for applicants to have had any gender related surgery and a number of successful GRC applicants are in this group. There is good evidence many people live as transsexual, but have had no surgery so the “large majority” claim is certainly not justifiable.

    It is not correct to assert that the majority of transsexual people had their condition diagnosed from childhood. It is fortunate that today with better availability of information more children can recognise their trans situation, discuss it and obtain help. A large number of older trans-people have spent decades in degrees of uncertainty over their status. If they do eventually seek medical diagnosis, their condition might be traced back to childhood but “late-onset transsexuality” is not an uncommon diagnosis.

    This blog deviates from the matter the Gender Recognition Act when it includes issues of toilet use among the italicised quotes. Under the Equality Act, people have right of access to toilets conforming to the way they are presenting at that time. That right applies to everyone, whether crossdresser, transsexual or any other label. The right applies whether or not the person has had any surgery or is taking any form of medication. It seems probable that even the blog authors may have taken advantage of toilets opposite to that suggested by their birth certificates as they began their transition processes.
    (continued below)

  22. (continued from above)
    The following italicised quote suggests women have reasonable concerns ceding their rights to transsexuals. It is true that problems have arisen in several areas, not least “women only” lists for political roles. However, it is startling to see that these blog authors regard such transphobic behaviour as reasonable. How extending GRCs to more people “diminishes further” the rights of women is hard to see unless one starts from the standpoint that transwomen are not actually women. This is another transphobic aspect lurking in this blog.

    The risks of rape are ever-present and something trans-women are concerned about, just as cis-gender women. As already outlined, the access to gendered spaces is not affected in any way by reform of the GRA so it is difficult why this is a relevant factor. Crime is crime whoever perpetrates it.

    Issues of the choice of prisons is raised and is yet another red-herring. The prison service have a responsibility to place offenders in suitable places and do their best to get this right. The possession of a GRC is not the ‘golden-ticket’ that gets anyone into any particular place. The duty of care towards all prisoners is the first priority and even without reform of the GRA, mistakes have been made. One can only hope that mistakes will diminish, but GRA reform will not help nor hinder that process.

    The blog authors have said nothing about the GRA and how it affects transmen. Writing as I do from the perspective of being a post-op married transwoman, it would be presumptuous for me to try and add anything on that aspect. However, there seems to be an obsession with issues to do with women and it is always important to consider how any issues might be applied when the gender under consideration is male. For example, are the blog authors advocating that male looking, non-op transmen should use the ladies toilets?

    Reform of the GRA is obviously something that needs to be done with care but it is important to note that the unidentified writers of this blog are reflecting only one set of opinions and their views are certainly not universally shared by all trans-women.

  23. Mel; your last paragraph says it all; yes, it reflects one set of opinions, and no, it does not reflect the views of all " trans-women".That is why it was written wasn't it? But then, that term ( transwomen) is itself unhelpful in this context. Any clot can call themselves a transwoman or transman. Fine, all good.... unless they imagine that everyone else has to accept them now as a newly minted "man" , or "woman" , in all circumstances. And that is not going to happen, is it? For reasons that include fear of abuse.

  24. You're absolutely right, Kay, that any person can call themselves a transwoman. The inherent nature of being a transwoman means it isn't something determined by any sort of medical, psychiatric or other examination, let alone by a panel who never meet the individual whose papers they pour over. It is something known by the individual. It is why children can know it long before they have any understanding of sex differences, let alone any sort of evaluation procedure. It is why the present system with its anonymous and hidden gender recognition panel is such an unsatisfactory one. The greatest expert on what is one's identity is oneself.

    1. So I can call myself a transwoman too, while I am biologically female?

  25. Well said - it's distressing the recent shift to threats, labelling & aggressive silencing of anyone who has concerns about self-cert. Thank you to the 14 and all women brave enough to speak out 😍

  26. 100% agree. Thank you and well done for coming forward.

  27. I would like to thank the brave transexuals that have spoken out on this. I am a woman and I stand by your side. Self ID would be a disaster (look at Karen White). I think its grossly unfair that fully intact men are demanding space in women's toilets/changing rooms....Statistics show that communal mixed sex spaces have a roughly 1000% increase in complaints and crimes over the same period as single sex womens. WHY would a transgender person want to even be part of that victim pool? Why would they actively want to expose women to that? the very women they claim they are just like and want to be accepted by? Surely it makes more sense to teach men to be more tolerant of their fellow cross dressers?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. FannyupCrutch: You ask why a transgender person would want to be of what you call "a victim pool" and suggest it is unreasonable for someone fully intact as male to be in a female designated space. I'm guessing you have not had the experience of being a transgender woman, setting out on the journey of transitioning to live as female. When we transwomen start our journeys our bodies are those of "intact men". It can take many years before only a proportion of such transwomen have surgery. I'm not sure of your source for the mixed space statistics you cite, but I'd be extremely surprised if any of those crimes relate to transwomen. The last thing transwomen want to do is attract attention to themselves by causing alarm to other users of any space.
      As for why we wish to join the "victim pool", it is simply because transwomen are women and feel their place is everywhere other women might be. If that includes placing themselves in a victim pool, so be it.
      History is one with centuries of male dominance and the idea of teaching men to be respectful of woman and tolerant of crossdressers and other is absolutely fine and laudable. However, to suggest that a transwoman who is pre-op might manage to find an accepting welcome in male toilets is ludicrous. From the moment a transwoman begins to present as female she needs to be accepted into women's toilets and changing rooms as the problems of going anywhere else are beyond anything education might achieve in my lifetime.

  28. As woman I absolutely do not want to find a trans in the loos, or changing rooms.But you will remove this comment I expect.
    Change yourselves if you absolutely must, yet it is false to attempt to force social validation by legislation that dismisses women's rights.

  29. I have been reading up about this. Trying to educate myself. Thankyou for your insights. Your lived experience lends authenticity to your argument.

  30. Typo alert You have put 2019 instead of 2018 at top.

  31. this is really beautiful. I'm so touched by this post. I really get what's being said here. It feels valid to me. I hope these voices are heard and reported in the wider media. (I am a woman who is concerned about self id) This is all really important information, very helpful to me in understanding another side of this issue, one that seems SO core

  32. ps have you sent this to the Guardian etc? It reads SO well and makes your case so very touchingly.

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  34. As a bloke I'd have no problem welcoming a transwoman or identifying as female into the same loo's as me. As long as that meant some pervert couldn't follow a young daughter into the female loos coz he's said he's having a 'female' feeling day. The whole society thing is bang on you accept people based based on mutual respect, you dont ride roughshod over everyone else and tell people what to think. Ive known and repected transwomen in the past who have 'lived' as women and who i could see as women. The moment you tell me what I must think you are is the moment you lose all respect or understanding and people will see you less the gender you claim to be.
    If you're a woman then act like one until then your just a deluded bigot who wants to be the sex they never will be and blames everyone else.